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Within Temptation - All I Need { Music Video }

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This is the 3rd single off the lates album of rock band Within Temptation, "The Heart of Everything"

Darren Hayes - Me, Myself and (I) { Music Video }

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Australian singer-songwriter Darren Hayes has released the music video for "Me, Myself and (I)" which is the second single to be released off his latest album "This Delicate Thing We've" Made. The music video was co-directed by Darren Hayes and his husband Richard Cullen.

Justin Timberlake Feat. Beyonce - Until The End Of Time { New Song }


Justin Timberlake has recorded the official remix of his song "Until The End Of Time" with R&B star Beyonce.

Check it out!

Britney Spears - Get Back & Everybody { Bonus Tracks }


2 bonus tracks from Britneys new album "Blackout".

Kylie Minnogue { New Song }

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Kylie Minnogue is an Australian actress and singer. She is going to release her tenth album X on November 26 in the UK and February for the US. Here is a new B-side track to her single "2 Hearts" called "King And Queen".

:: Download ::
Kylie Minnogue - "King And Queen" (Link 1) [B-Side Track]
Kylie Minnogue - "King And Queen" (Link 2) [B-Side Track]

Kylie Minnogue - "Don't Know What It Is" (Link 1) [B-Side Track]
Kylie Minnogue - "Don't Know What It Is" (Link 2) [B-Side Track]

Celine Dion { New Album }

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Celine Dion is a pop singer. She is going to release her new album Taking Chances on November 13th. Here is the REAL retail version of it. Enjoy!!!

Track Listing::

1. "Taking Chances"
2. "Alone"
3. "Eyes On Me"
4. "My Love"
5. "Shadow of Love"
6. "Surprise Surprise"
7. "This Time"
8. "New Dawn"
9. "A Song for You"
11. "Can't Fight the Feelin'"
10. "A World to Believe In"
12. "I Got Nothin' Left"
13. "Right Next to the Right One"
14. "Fade Away"
15. "That's Just the Woman in Me"
16. "Skies of L.A."
17. Map To My Heart
18. The Reason I Go On


:: Download ::
Celine Dion - Taking Chances [Part 1 Retail]
Celine Dion - Taking Chances [Part 2 Retail]
:: Download ::

{ New Song }

Lifehouse is a rock group. They are already releasing their second single out called "Whatever It Takes" and it'll be out to radios in the next weeks. Anyways, aside from that, Lifehouse released a new song on Itunes called "From Where You Are" and they are partnership with Allstate Insurance to release this song as the campaign song for that Insurance company. This song has a good meaning to it and it talks about educating teens about safety driving. Its a good song. Check it out. Enjoy!!!

:: Download ::
Lifehouse - "From Where You Are" (Link 1)
Lifehouse - "From Where You Are" (Link 2

Carrie Underwood { Video Premiere }

Carrie Underwood is a pop and country singer. She was the winner of the fourth season of American Idol. She released her second album Carnival Ride last month and its currently #1 on the billboard charts. Here is the video premiere for her new song that she has done for the movie soundtrack for a Disney movie called "Enchanted" called "Ever Ever After". I love this song and the video. I wish it was a track on her new album. Anyways, here it is the video premiere for "Ever Ever After" that we all have been waiting for. Enjoy!!!

:: Download ::
Carrie Underwood - "Ever Ever After" (Link 1)
Carrie Underwood - "Ever Ever After" (Link 2)

Simple Plan-When I'm Gone {New Song}


This is the new song that is going to be a first single on Simple Plan upcoming album that will be out in 2008.

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