Geez... I don't understand, when guys buy tickets to go to the game or on mobiles, some can cost thousand
and it seems to be ok with others, but when we girls buy stuffs like purses, we being accused for being materialistic. I think we're all work hard and I think we all deserve something here. I felt "as long as you pay for it, you earned it," so who cares what others say, do they pay for your purses, NO, so they have nothing to say about. I would rather have no money and be happy than have money and suffer of a loss. Like some of us, including myself, wanted a white blondie badly but could not have, it likes living a life of missing something everyday. So I felt, doesn't matter what others say, you live for yourself not others, and I deserve it!!!!

خلاص كده قولت كول الي ببالي .
مع نفسهم كول النااااس


have you see my very last draw ;0
i miss you shayan
that draw
is for you girl
coz you love ballerina pic
and everything came with that word


for bigger few go to :

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