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it's been a long time since i had time to set dawn :) and write a blog
i was so busy the last few month with the sudden death for my grandmother "Ramziah ebad"Gad have Marcy in her soul 

Product Reviews
Flora by Gucci 
 top notes of red berries and pear, this ultra-girly scent is perfect for a day at the park. Gucci Flora Garden Collection in Gorgeous Gardenia
The Flora Garden Collection is a bouquet of scents inspired by the House's renowned Flora pattern.I loved it From the packaging to the fragrance, it's one of my favorite perfumes and I must say Gucci out did themselves.

 438sr for 100ml from Debenhams

 Eaudemoiselle De Givenchy

 I what i can say i just full in love with it ,the perfume has a beautiful scent Very elegant and delicate,. It smells fresh and clean it's one of the best products ive ever spent my wages on! very classic, but modern with a twist.!
over 400 sr for 100ml. from Debenhams
"I'd love to have the set as a gift"
I am a floral fragrance fan

Vernis À Lèvres Glossy Stain
A gloss and a stain and long wearing? YSL makes a lot of striking claims about it but i must say,This is hands down the best lip product I've ever purchased Not only does the color last on it's own, if you wear it over another shade of lipstick to compliment the color it makes that color stay as well.I'm a beauty junkie and I do like YSL lip products, usually because they have a nice berry smell.
165sr - pricy but worth it. from Debenhams

Yves Saint Laurent Poudre Sur Mesure Semi Libre Semi Loose Powder

Say hello to my pretty new Yves Saint Laurent Semi Loose Powder I usually love YSL’s packaging, to be honest this is a little too bit shiny gold on one product for my liking, but oh well! I love what’s inside enough to overlook what's outside.it is a pressed powder that you turn into a loose powder, grab the black dial, turn it clockwise until your desired amount of powder u need, and then apply it

cant remember the price maybe over 200sr from Debenhams


I'm a happy beauty addict I have completely fallen in love with this lipstick,I really love the design,I can also say that it tastes nice, it is sweet and light, "but don’t ask me how do I know that ;). "these lip balms go on smoothly and I personally find them really moisturizing and hydrating. They are not gloppy or waxy in any way.and As we all expect from YSL, the tubes are gorgeous - classy and functional, with their hint of the color behind the central logo on each. That's a touch that distinguishes these glossy and colorful balms from other brands. I can glance into my makeup bag and select the shade I want in an instant.

165sr from Debenhams

 Le French Touch Absolu Nu in Cotton Candy

   Released as part of Lancome’s Roseraie Des Delices Spring 2012 Collection, Le French Touch Absolu Nu in Cotton Candy is a sheer  lipstick in limited edition packaging.this lipstick will bring out the natural pink of your lips. looks a little too bubblegum-ish 
165 sr from amazon


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