MAC Holiday Collection 2012

.I have never seen such a pretty holiday collection before!!! I have no idea how I will be able to afford this! I won't be able to buy any makeup until this comes out. Hell, I won't even be able to buy shampoo, I'll need every Rayal for this. LOL! 
it's Limited-edition
Release Date: November 2012 "it's nov 20 in saudi Arabia and i didn't see it yet"
but we do have Marin Manroo tell now in store
I don’t have official details for the launch date in saudi arabia but I came across some photos, drooled, and decided that everyone should be babbling, drooling, and squealing with me.
 this collection will be released in three (3) parts:
 the Glamour Daze collection.

 th_worship.gifth_worship.gif ... Those blushes and lippies need to be mine!!! *drool*... Hope this doesn't call for breaking into my savings. LOL 
  Guilty Passions

 Fabulousness collection.

All for Glamour is all about having everything you need in one palette. The packaging is too adorable with a pretty pink or peach quilted case with bow closure.

After seeing this Collection, I am officially skipping macbook air for now.  I need to plant a money tree...  FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!

am particularly interested in the brush kits  It can store not only the brushes it comes with but all the regular sized MAC brushes as well.

P.S.: I am crossing my fingers that the I’m The One blush is as gorgeous as it looks. How about you?

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