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It’s been ages since I blogged and I have my reasons I promise :) I looked at the date on my last post and thought "whoa, seems like yesterday ".
 a lot have change,  since the last time I blogged
so here's to the new beginnings and new me   

photo by:Taryn Knight

       Recently I've learned ...

     1- My Personal opinions are not scientific facts.
     2- The present is the only time we live in.
     3- It's okay to spend my life without making something   out of my self  that the history will celebrates.  I Can go about the world quietly, this choice suits me.
     4- I should no have high expectations from people" there is nothing like reality".
     5- If I can live a real connection 'living in the moment.' I can leave the rest of the people in my Pocket They wouldn't jump fugitives from my phone.
     6- I will change even if I didn't want to.
     7- Everything around me is a 'miracle'. Have you ever tried to live miracles? It's creepy that we lose The thrill of life because we used to be.
    9- All the the thoughts that goes on in our minds and did not know how to write it ,, is in a book .. search for it ..
                                                                    10- Little remorse does not hurt.

The lunar months are not always complete, as well as the things that I have learned recently is not perfect .. If you notices number 8 is missing and I just forgot to documented it, just like everything in life.


MAC Holiday Collection 2012

.I have never seen such a pretty holiday collection before!!! I have no idea how I will be able to afford this! I won't be able to buy any makeup until this comes out. Hell, I won't even be able to buy shampoo, I'll need every Rayal for this. LOL! 
it's Limited-edition
Release Date: November 2012 "it's nov 20 in saudi Arabia and i didn't see it yet"
but we do have Marin Manroo tell now in store
I don’t have official details for the launch date in saudi arabia but I came across some photos, drooled, and decided that everyone should be babbling, drooling, and squealing with me.
 this collection will be released in three (3) parts:
 the Glamour Daze collection.

 th_worship.gifth_worship.gif ... Those blushes and lippies need to be mine!!! *drool*... Hope this doesn't call for breaking into my savings. LOL 
  Guilty Passions

 Fabulousness collection.

All for Glamour is all about having everything you need in one palette. The packaging is too adorable with a pretty pink or peach quilted case with bow closure.

After seeing this Collection, I am officially skipping macbook air for now.  I need to plant a money tree...  FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!

am particularly interested in the brush kits  It can store not only the brushes it comes with but all the regular sized MAC brushes as well.

P.S.: I am crossing my fingers that the I’m The One blush is as gorgeous as it looks. How about you?


beauty Product Reviews

it's been a long time since i had time to set dawn :) and write a blog
i was so busy the last few month with the sudden death for my grandmother "Ramziah ebad"Gad have Marcy in her soul 

Product Reviews
Flora by Gucci 
 top notes of red berries and pear, this ultra-girly scent is perfect for a day at the park. Gucci Flora Garden Collection in Gorgeous Gardenia
The Flora Garden Collection is a bouquet of scents inspired by the House's renowned Flora pattern.I loved it From the packaging to the fragrance, it's one of my favorite perfumes and I must say Gucci out did themselves.

 438sr for 100ml from Debenhams

 Eaudemoiselle De Givenchy

 I what i can say i just full in love with it ,the perfume has a beautiful scent Very elegant and delicate,. It smells fresh and clean it's one of the best products ive ever spent my wages on! very classic, but modern with a twist.!
over 400 sr for 100ml. from Debenhams
"I'd love to have the set as a gift"
I am a floral fragrance fan

Vernis À Lèvres Glossy Stain
A gloss and a stain and long wearing? YSL makes a lot of striking claims about it but i must say,This is hands down the best lip product I've ever purchased Not only does the color last on it's own, if you wear it over another shade of lipstick to compliment the color it makes that color stay as well.I'm a beauty junkie and I do like YSL lip products, usually because they have a nice berry smell.
165sr - pricy but worth it. from Debenhams

Yves Saint Laurent Poudre Sur Mesure Semi Libre Semi Loose Powder

Say hello to my pretty new Yves Saint Laurent Semi Loose Powder I usually love YSL’s packaging, to be honest this is a little too bit shiny gold on one product for my liking, but oh well! I love what’s inside enough to overlook what's outside.it is a pressed powder that you turn into a loose powder, grab the black dial, turn it clockwise until your desired amount of powder u need, and then apply it

cant remember the price maybe over 200sr from Debenhams


I'm a happy beauty addict I have completely fallen in love with this lipstick,I really love the design,I can also say that it tastes nice, it is sweet and light, "but don’t ask me how do I know that ;). "these lip balms go on smoothly and I personally find them really moisturizing and hydrating. They are not gloppy or waxy in any way.and As we all expect from YSL, the tubes are gorgeous - classy and functional, with their hint of the color behind the central logo on each. That's a touch that distinguishes these glossy and colorful balms from other brands. I can glance into my makeup bag and select the shade I want in an instant.

165sr from Debenhams

 Le French Touch Absolu Nu in Cotton Candy

   Released as part of Lancome’s Roseraie Des Delices Spring 2012 Collection, Le French Touch Absolu Nu in Cotton Candy is a sheer  lipstick in limited edition packaging.this lipstick will bring out the natural pink of your lips. looks a little too bubblegum-ish 
165 sr from amazon




After a quick trip to boots with my wonderful sisters "sherehan and Heba) next to the holly Masjed in al Madinah I ended up with it few protect i'd love to tell you all about it
all the toners I’ve ever used seemed really harsh to my skin I know a lot of people say that toner is an unnecessary step in your skincare routine, but I find that not only does a toner clean the last traces of makeup off my face, it also removes residue left over from my facial cleanser. I have tried dozens of cleansers,(clareans ,clean&clear,Avon..etc)but I haven't found one yet that removes all my makeup, leaves no residue, and keeps my skin clear without over-drying.  that toner and cream has turned out to be an excellent solution.I think that toner will become a regular part of my routine, I couldn’t be happier with it. this toner doesn’t have an overpowering scent, it’s mild, a little goes a long way, and it’s inexpensive(12 SR). It’s certified 100% organic, and the bottle looks nice

I have combination skin, you see, which means it’s dry in some places (forehead) and oily in others (hello, chin). and It’s hard to find a moisturizer that’s strong enough to hydrate my forehead while not causing my chin to break out like I’m 17 years old all over again.

 I’d love to hear your reviews of any products.
You have tried ? Do you like it? What’s your favorite? Do tell!



I'm totally crushing on pink lately. I have a love/hate relationship with the color. It's either in or out in my book and right now it is in again. In in in!


Amy Merrick

There are so many elements that make a wedding beautiful and one of them is definitely the flowers.  Whether your budget allows for you to create an over the top floral design to something simple and modern, beautiful blooms truly add to the day.  One website I could spend all day looking at is Amy Merrick's 

This site is full of some of the loveliest bouquets and  displays that mix blooms with fruit that make each design completely unique
The bouquets and centerpieces feel very organic in their assembly and look as if they are created from flowers picked fresh from a garden which makes each design feel very personal

her wanderful blog
amy merrick


what's your sign?

can you guess your sign , just by looking at these stylish characters?
"i didn't guess mine to tell the truth :P "

(left to right: Taurus, Aries, Aquarius, Virgo, Gemini, Libra, Leo, Capricorn, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Cancer, Pisces; images  from here )


hair cuffs from H&M

I think this hair cuff by H&M is completely and utterly brilliant.

I think it makes a messy ponytail infinitely more chic. I grab 3 for myself and 2 for my mom they cost 16sr each.and I feel like celebrating a million things,This past year, hair cuffs have been coveted by many fashionistas. I first saw hair cuffs last spring on Dries Van Noten runway models, and was enamored by their ability to instantly take a pony tail to a whole new level. H&M released this perfect hair cuff u can find then now in H&M stores in Saudi Arabia.


Anytime I see the word “asymmetric” on the Zara website, I get my hopes up that they’ve re-released these amazing pumps which sold out last year. Also, I don’t think that will ever happen, but in the meantime we have these black asymmetric peep toes to enjoy. These aren’t the same, of course, other than in the shape of the sides, but they are a lot of fun they cost 199sr.

also this last few month, I’ve been on the lookout for something similar. (I’ve also been keeping a close watch on eBay, but those shoes regularly sell for around 1500sr or 2000sr, which is just crazy! i can buy Louboutins for not much more than that!) These black courts from River Island aren’t quite the same but the asymmetric sides aren’t exactly the same either: the Zara version had a much steeper cutaway, which helped create that amazing shape. Still, they’re a step in the right direction, and while the pointed toe is a little too 80s for me, but i have found them in Riyadh for sell 95sr. and they hurt so much i couldn't wear them yet 


Zara Peep-Toe with Flower

 In the same way that once I found my LBD I never have to think twice about what to wear to a cocktail party, the perfect pair of little black shoes (LBS, if you will) are going to stand you in good stead for plenty of parties through the years. my current favorite are these Peep-Toes with Flower from zara (366 sr I think) because of the sweet detail on the heel. I'll look just as good walking away as I do walking into the party.

P.S.Gorgeous but undoubtedly painful.

25 something

I’ve made New Years resolutions in the past, but I’ve never sat down and considered what I’d actually like to accomplish in a year. So I think the start of 2012 is a good chance to make a few goals – 25 to be exact – that I would like to accomplish before my 26th birthday this coming(tho alqedah). I’m looking forward to learning many new things, working towards a healthy, balanced lifestyle, and having lots and lots of fun.

If you’re interested {and so you can be my witness}, here’s my list of 25 things to cross off before 26.

  1. Stay in touch with people I love.
  2. Become a Photoshop and Illustrator wiz!
  3. Be more generous.
  4. Learn a foreign language or two.
  5. I will try to figure out why I *really* need three e-mail addresses.
  6. Be a better friend.
  7. try being less judgmental about everything
  8. Make better use of my time and stop wasting it
  9. I NEED to be more organized.
  10. Spend more time with my friends.
  11. Before I post status update, Tweet, Tumble or Instagram, pause and say to myself, “is it entirely necessary that I share this morsel of thought with my entire social network?”and if the answer is not, “yes, I absolutely must,” then step away from the Internet.
  12. Find a way to save approximately 4000 SR and spend it on christian louboutin shoes.
  13. Try that food I think I don’t like but have never actually tried.
  14. Read more.
  15. Cut out sugary foods/drinks from my diet as much as possible.
  16. Blogging once per week.
  17. Realize my dreams {once I figure out what they are}!
  18. To laugh more.
  19. have more fun.
  20. cut an unhealthy person out of my life.
  21. go with the flo.
  22. Get more strict on my diet.
  23. get my internet addiction under control (not entirely sure how I'm going to do that - it's like people with food addictions: I can't just walk away 100%, so I just get sucked in for more each time) .
  24. get through the year.
  25. Adopt more healthy, self-care behaviors.

Here’s to the best year yet!!


New York during the holidays

There is nothing quite like being in New York during the holidays it seem s just as magical (i really hope one day I'll be there) all the store windows. so i was looking in the web for the most productive window viewing so i can feel like am in new york for real :)